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Quantum Scalar i40 and i80 Tape libraries available in LTO-6 and LTO-5 Drive options are an excellent option for you storage/archival needs. The Quantum Scalar i40 LTO-6 starting with 25 slots is upgradeable to 40 slots, and the Quantum Scalar i80... Quantum Scalar i40/i80 20-slot LTO Magazine Quantum Scalar i40 Library, two LTO-5 tape drives, 25 slots, 6Gb SAS. Direct Price: Excl.Quantum Scalar i40/i80 Library, Includes Drives, Next Business Day Parts Replacement, Extension, two years (total three years coverage), zone 1.

The Quantum Scalar i500 is the intelligent scalable tape library that gives growing midrange storage environments faster, easier, and more reliable data protection. Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library 25 licensed slots 1 IBM LTO-7 Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library with 25 licensed slots, 25 unlicensed slots, one IBM LTO-7 Tape Drive and 6Gb SAS (LSC33-CSE1-L7NA). The Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library is designed for small-to-medium size organizations and can can scale from … Tape Drive Autoloaders - LTO-7 and LTO-8 Tape Libraries from Our selection of Tape Libraries includes Quantum, Overland Tandberg, Qualstar Corp and HP. We carry the Quantum Scalar i3 range, the Scalar i3 LTO-7 and Scalar i3 LTO-8 Tape Libraries, as well as the Scalar i6 LTO-8.

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Tandberg Data T24 LTO-6 HH SAS Tape Autoloader - 2U Form Factor, 24-Slot LTO-6 Tape Library 60TB/150TB Part# 2490-LTO The new LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Autoloader by Tandberg data the T24 LTO-6 Half Height SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 24-slot Tape … LTO-6 Tape Library Promotion - Overland Storage NEO LTO-6 FREE Overland Storage NEO LTO-6 Tape Autoloaders and Libraries - FREE LTO6 Promotion Now’s the time to get more storage capacity and faster performance – and get it for FREE! Why buy an LTO5 library when you can get a library that will store 100 … NEOxl 80 Series Tape Library by Overland Storage NEOxl 80

Enabling Autoclean on a Scalar i500 | Quantum Knowledge Base

Quantum Scalar i40 i80 Scalar i40 provides 25 to 40 slots scalar i80 provides 50 to 80 slots. Bringing iLayer Benefits to Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses.FEATURES AND BENEFITSThe Quantum Scalar i40 and i80 libraries are the easy-to-use tape libraries for the growing storage needs of small... Quantum Scalar i80 | manualzz.com Scalar i80 Scalar i40 www.quantum.com Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 Quick Start Guide Required Tools and Equipment • Ethernet cable EnvironmentalCleaning Slots — You can configure a minimum of zero and a maximum of four cleaning slots. For more information about cleaning slots, see the... Купить систему архивирования данных Quantum Scalar i80… Quantum Scalar® i80 экономит время пользователя, упрощая все процедуры - от начальной настройки и управления, до последующего расширения емкости.Ленточная библиотека Scalar® i80 отличается простотой расширения емкости в случае необходимости.

Quantum SuperLoader 3 LTO-8 SAS 16-Slot Tape Autoloader 2U Rackmount w/Barcode Reader Part# ET-L2ZAE-YF. The latest in LTO Generation technology the LTO-8 HH SAS Drives are now available in the Quantum SuperLoader 3 Autoloader. Contact BackupWorks.com for all your LTO-8 Tape Drive and LTO-8 Tape Library needs ask for a quote on the new Quantum SuperLoader 3 LTO-8 HH SAS.

Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide ii Quantum Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 User’s Guide, 6-66545-10 Rev A, August 2014, Product of U.S.A. Quantum Corporation provides this publication “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or

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Description. Now entry-level and midrange storage environments can benefit from Quantum's intelligent tape libraries. With Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries, small and medium-sized businesses spend less time and money on backup, simplifying everything from initial installation and setup to ongoing management, and even adding capacity as storage needs grow. Refurbished Scalar i40 25-40 Slot Quantum LTO Library

HP StoreEver MSL Series Tape Autoloaders and Libraries, available now with LTO-8 Ultrium Tape Drives, in both SAS and FC (Fiber Channel) connectivity. LTO-8 Allows for 12TB of data native per cartridge, and 30TB compressed per cartridge. RDX 8000 by Quantum FAQ's